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    VVVVVV – no, that’s not a typo; it’s something you need to play

    By Ryan McGee | January 22, 2010

    Play the VVVVVV demo

    Pricey at $15, especially when it seems like there may only be 5 levels (albiet large ones, I only found one shiny object in lvl 1 and two in lvl 2, and the map screen seems Castlevania huge), but the demo is 2 levels and provides a satisfying sampling, and it goes to the creators… right?

    Simple old school WASD or arrow key and one action button controls combined with great twitch platforming. Magnifique!

    Frickin’ LOVE the music. Absolutely made the game for me. It really picks up in level 2 too. I’m such a sucker for epic melodied 8-bit MIDI ballads. Hints of Metroid and Mega Man… but still distinct. There goes that old nostalgia kicking in again. ;-) We can get the soundtrack here. Chiptunes FTW!

    Nice touch with the names for each and every room/challenge. Some clever ones in there to be sure. A few of many I enjoyed:

    – “Hitting the Apex”
    – “Young Man, It’s Worth the Challenge”
    – “Free Your Mind”
    – “The Bernoulli Principle”

    Creator/Programmer Terry Cavanaugh seems like a bloke worth learning about. His other works and website:

    Always good to see internet used in this way, providing these geniuses with the tools to builld these grassroots communities/markets/fanbases and ultimately survive on labors of love.

    Share my enthusiasm? Your thoughts? ;-D

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