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    It’s a brave new world, microwave gun tuned to over stimulate nerves and cause extreme pain at half a mile.
    Daily Mail is carrying a story about a new type of weapon being developed called Silent Guardian. This is a weapon which is intended to be a non-lethal deterrent, but sounds as though it might just be one of the most terrifying inventions since the Hydrogen Bomb. Reading the article, many questions are raised that can only be answered with time. Perhaps someone will invent a stable fusion reactor or a replicator and really help out humanity.

    Sony’s head of Public Relations resigning
    PC World has an article about Sony’s head of Public Relations resigning. Is it just me or is the end of summer beginning of fall turning out to be the great exodus. Tons of resignations from government positions, lots of VP’s and Officers leaving major corporations, even down to the regular Joe picking up and moving to a better position in a different location. Perhaps it is stir fever from the summer, or maybe a realization that “winter is coming.”

    Astronomers Witness Planet Formation
    Wired Science has a story about Astronomers witnessing planet formation for the first time in earth history. They are able to see five earth oceans worth of water vapor accumulating around a Protoplanet. Is it still water vapor even at 170 degrees K? 1000 light years, I wonder how the planet is doing now?

    Government Funded Healthcare
    Wired News Blog is carrying an article on the recent issues surrounding government funded health care. The blog definitely shows a biased for government funded health care, but all in all, it is interesting to read about the debates happening in Washington.

    Gaming Industry Using Organic Power Sources

    CNet has a short article on the work that Sony, and other industry leaders, are doing to create organic power sources. Utilizing naturally occurring organic structures to generate fuel for electric devices.

    How Our Brain Interprets Threats
    Science Daily has a very interesting article related to the study of how our brain interprets threats. Artificial predators, pac-man like game play, electric shock for a game over, sounds like playing odd or even with my brothers.