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    The Top 13 Most Addictive Types of Video Games

    By Aaron Shaw | August 20, 2007

    All drugs are not created equally. Some drugs can give a momentary buzz, while others will provide a euphoric high of which one can hardly ever get enough. The latter is usually the more addictive substance. The same can be said of video games.

    With the advent of new and better technologies, video game companies have become endowed with greater abilities to create deeper, more epic, more socially interactive, and thus more addicting games. Whereas the first-generation games previously consisted of a one block bouncing back and forth between two other blocks, modern video games have become massive productions on the visual scale of most action movies. Many video games released today have better box office openings than even the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Video games are surely a new media force with which to be reckoned.

    Unfortunately, video games seem to get almost entirely negative media coverage. Most articles or news stories that are speaking of video games are telling another woeful tale of a child having bought a video game with a hidden sex scene, or a teenager having shot someone after playing a violent game. More recently, video games have been getting attention as another “addictive” substance to entangle our children.

    However, this addictive nature of video games does not hold true for every type of video game. Very rarely will a teenager that comes in to a treatment facility for excessive video game use because he just can’t get enough a puzzle videogame. They may have spent some time on the game, and maybe even an above average amount of time on a puzzle videogame. But, rarely will they have reached the levels of “addiction” usage. This is because puzzle games do not lend themselves to that kind of gaming habits. Thus, it becomes necessary for parents to become familiar with the different types of games available to their children, and most importantly, which games have the most potential for their child to be become addicted to them. The following is a list of the current types of video games available to children today: (The game types are listed in order of least (1) addictive to most (13) addictive types)

    1. Educational – Games that are found only on the systems built specifically for learning. Unfortunately these systems are currently all designed for younger children. Examples of these educational systems are Leapster and Pixter.
    2. Party Games – Games designed to get people together playing lots of fast paced mini-games one after another. Each party game can contain up to 150 mini-games in which everyone in the same room has a controller and plays the mini-game at the same time. Each mini-game lasts about 2 minutes. Games in this category would include Mario Party, and Shrek Party Blast.
    3. Physical – The latest addition to video games is the advent of the physical games in which the player’s physical movements move the character on the screen. In a baseball game, the player swings the remote. When this happens, the character on the screen swings the bat. These games currently are the newest and hottest thing around, hopefully pointing toward greater physical health of gamers in the long run. Games in this category include Wii Sports and the Bigs.
    4. Puzzle – These games are typically abstract games of logic with no theme or characters. They can be games in which you must line up blocks or games in which you solve math problems. These games are simple to learn, and simple to play. They usually hit the broadest age demographics. Examples of puzzle games include Tetris, Brain Age, and Bejeweled.
    5. Racing – These are simply games in which one player races one or more other racers to the finish line. They come in a variety of race types and courses, but in general it is always a race to the finish. The draw in these types of games is making your car better every time you win, or unlocking new cars and tracks as you win. Examples of this type of game are Need for Speed and Mario Kart.
    6. Sports games – Games that are a sport in real life. There are even professional (NBA) and college (NCAA) level games of some of the major American Sports (basketball and football). Some people play this for a one time fun game, and other people like to create a player or team and take them through an entire season, improving their player along the way.
    7. Fighting – The vast majority of these games are one fighter versus another fighter. The two draws here are the brutality of the fighting, and learning intricate fighting moves. These games often take a lot of playing in order to master all of the moves of a given fighter. An argument could be made that it takes strategy and planning to know which moves to use when during the game.
    8. Platformer – These games are action oriented logic games with a main character. They usually involve a simple story line in which the hero of the story must complete each level by jumping from platform to platform, and jumping on or shooting the bad guy. These games are rarely violent or gory. Most of the time, the main character and levels are more akin to a cartoon look and feel. Some levels are tricky to get to the end and take some trial and error to complete, thus the logic comes into play. Examples of these types of games are Super Mario and Crash Bandicoot.
    9. Third person action – These games are similar to the platformer games in almost every way, accept they have a more mature theme. Whereas in the platformer games, the hero is a cartoon, in the third-person action game, the hero is an realistic looking action star. These games are usually in realistic settings, with more realistic violence, and much harder logic puzzles. Examples of this type of game include Splinter Cell, and Tomb Raider.
    10. Role-Playing Games (RPG’s) – These games are very similar to the MMORPG’s listed below accept these games are usually designed for only one player, and they have an ending. Depending on how you play the game, the ending is often different. The more you play, the deeper you get into the story, and the more powers your character gains. Examples of this type of game are Final Fantasy and Knights of the Old Republic.
    11. Real-time strategy – Games that are basically a fast paced chess game without the turn-taking component. In these games, you are responsible for controlling and commanding an army you have built from scratch. You must face off with whomever you opponent is and try to be the last man standing. Examples of these games include Starcraft and Command and Conquer.
    12. First Person Shooters (FPS) – These are games where you are the hero. All you can see on the screen is your gun directly in front of you. Bad guys attack you, and you must shoot them. These games are all about the guns. Throughout the games, you get bigger and better guns and must kill bigger and badder enemies, adding a very addicting macho (power) factor to the games. Recently, a lot of these games have taken more historical spins, allowing you to be a soldier in Vietnam or WWII. Examples of these games include Halo, and Call of Duty.
    13. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG). These are epic games with an everlasting storyline. These games do not have an ending. They are designed to play forever. MMORPG’s are usually played with thousands of other players online at the same time, adding a highly addictive social component to the game. Lastly, these games are designed so that the more you play, the more powerful and well respected you are by everyone playing. Examples of this type of game are Everquest, and World of Warcraft.

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    10 Responses to “The Top 13 Most Addictive Types of Video Games”

    1. Ghost Says:
      August 21st, 2007 at 11:20 am

      Pretty good list.

      This addiction is pretty serious though people die from these types of addictions.

      Any it ruins many a persons life for sure.

      But of course in moderation your ok, but that is true for everything.

    2. Ankhenaten Says:
      August 21st, 2007 at 11:48 am

      Aaron, this is a very well written article about a very serious topic. I enjoyed the list and your general information about video game addiction and the negative press that video games receive.

      While I absolutely agree with the addictive quality of video game playing. I personally believe that it is more akin to the addictive quality of any stimulus. Your list was quite accurate in the sense that some of the stimulus have more addictive quality than others. However, I believe that it is important for people to recognize that it is ultimately up to them to control their own actions.

      I have an addictive personality and have had a tendancy to overplay many games, but I learned long ago that while I may overplay from time to time it is up to me to step back and recognize when I am playing too much and letting other things in my life slide.

      I feel that video game addiction is a psychological addiction brought on by the combination of stimulus and escape potential. Usually the most addicted people are a case of, marginal game playing along with other poor life choices, this is followed by bad or hard times for the individual, which is followed by increased game playing, and you have yourself a downward spiral. The game becomes the escape from reality which is overwhelming the individual.

      In a case like this, removing the specific game in question may make all the difference, but it may not. The individual may continue to engage in addictive behavior attempting to escape anywhere they can from the difficulties of reality.

      I believe that when we discuss the difficulties of game playing it is also important to discuss the benefits.

      Games such as World of Warcraft can have many benefits as well. These include improving social networking, improved money management skills, typing skills, problem solving, situational awareness, improved reaction time, analytical thinking, and possibly even attitude adjustment. All of these are helpful in the real world because they are necessary skills to be successful.

      I really appriciate your article and like that you wrote it to help educate people about games and help them understand what they or their children may be into. I would like to see parents take a much greater role in their kids lives by discussing addiction, game playing, responsibility, perserverence, video game violence, and anything else that is relevent to their childs development.

      There are some great tools in place for new games and even windows vista can have parental controls set to require a password for games of certain ratings or genre. Passwords can be set to play games at all or time limits can be imposed to keep your children from playing too much, but none of that matters if it is not used or the kids are not made aware of why it is being done and to what effect.

      Great article thank you for sharing it.

    3. Michel Grossenbacher Says:
      November 20th, 2010 at 2:52 pm

      Great Info! But I’m having some trouble attempting to load your blog site. I’ve got learn it several instances ahead of and never ever gotten a thing like this, but now when I try to load anything it just takes just a little while (5-10 minutes ) and then just stops. I hope i never have spyware or some thing. Does anybody know what the trouble may be?

    4. admin Says:
      January 22nd, 2011 at 1:49 pm

      Sorry not sure whats up with the site. Its not updated that ofter very much. Have a great weekend!

    5. Ronaele Cuaderno Says:
      October 17th, 2012 at 2:32 pm

      can i please have some information about the writer Aaron Shaw? i need it for my resaerch paper and the citation page.

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